Friday, October 6, 2017

Yet Mo' Kitbash!

Last week my Kitbash of Sabre & World and Volant started over Discord, but stopped after an hour, as one of the played got sick. Thursday, we finally got to play a full session, and it went very well! The PCs were flying from LA to the Alaska Panhandle for a vacation in a private amphibian plane. They went into a cloud, and when they came out, a huge chunk of land the size of Connecticut was tearing out of the earth and floating into the sky right in front of/underneath them.

They avoided the crash, saw a woman's body fall out of the sky, got no signal on GPS or radio, and watched as smaller chunks broke off and fell or floated away from the main floating island. They landed on a lake on one of these smaller fragments, about 14 X 9 miles at the widest.

They taxied to shore and out on a beach. Two women riding a giant raven landed after asking permission. The PCs has come into the middle of a three sided war over the main floating island, Three separate sky nations had claimed it, and they were now fighting amongst themselves. They were not speaking English. The PCs stated they were claiming this land. The women accepted it, and they killed a feral cow and brought out the beer keg to celebrate.

A very interesting start. They didn't search for the best fragment, but took the first one they landed on. I didn't expect that. It is the lowest, therefore the hottest, of the major fragments that split off from the main island. I have no idea where this is going. :D

Frank's sketch map of the fragment:

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Son of Kitbashing

In my Kitbash of *StarCluster 4 - Sabre and World* and *Volant*, the player characters have been transported into the world of Volant's flying hips and giant bird riders. Here are some of the bird riding warriors they ate going to meet! BTW, almost all bird riders are women for reasons of mass. Duhali culturally dresses skimpier than the other two, men and women. Chasseurs are scouts and scavengers, Hussars are single rider warriors, while Dragoons ride in twos on the biggest birds.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Mo' Kitbashing!

Will start up this game on Thursday Night over Discord! I'm getting excited!

The plane will be a Gweduck 6 place amphibian. The characters are travelling from California to the Alaskan Panhandle - Tongass State Forest - to camp for a week. There is an aeronautical engineer, a pilot, a veterinarian, and a safari guide. They all went to UCLA together as undergrads.

They will have the following stuff in the cargo compartment of the plane:

Common Equipment

One large tent, waterptoof ripstop nylon with aluminum frame and separate waterproof ripstop nylon fly with integrated bungee cords; includes two entrances, one with a canopy, and four zippered windows
2 smaller dome tents for non-food dry storage
One folding open canopy 10X10 feet with adjustable height
One folding table
Six folding camp chairs
Five large (20X20 foot) tarpaulins with associated bungee cords and nylon line.
Eight winter-quality sleeping bags, four primary, and four backup
Two five gallon plastic water cubes with integrated spigot.
Two solar water stills - not solar electric, clear plastic cover uses sun's rays to heat water and collect vapor
Five porous ceramic cooler double pots (zeer) use evaporating water to cool inner pots
Three insulated plastic coolers
Propane camp stove with six small propane tanks
Frying pan, two kettles, teapot, coffee pot, utensils
Service of six plates with associated utensils in wicker basket
Five heavy blankets
One portable shower
Five ripstop nylon equipment bags
Four milk crate boxes
Six camp cots
Four fishing rods
Two nylon fishing nets
Four creels
Four hunting rifles with a box of 100 rounds
Ten flares
Two bear-safe food lockers
Six towels
Twelve cakes Ivory soap
Non-powered woodworking toolchest

Food and drink

Two cases beer in bottles OR 1 keg (15.5 gallon) beer
One liter bottle gin
Two one liter bottles vodka
One 1.75 liter bottle whisky
Three one liter bottles scotch
One dozen one liter bottles of soda
Assorted food for one week plus a couple of days

Friday, September 15, 2017


In setting up my latest game - a kitbash of StarCluster 4 - Sabre & World (chargen & mechanics) and Volant (Setting) I hit an interesting point. S&W is slanted towards the John Carter type - ex-military, physically fit, survival oriented - and the chargen reflects that. It is very definitely optimized for your typical Sword and Planet heroes/heroines. Volant is a post-magical-apocalypse setting, with civilization rebuilding itself in a new way with new ground rules. It is not a safe, urbanizad setting. The first session of the game will start with the following setup, known to the players:

The PCs are ex-UCLA buddies who have kept their relationship tight. They are now in their mid-late twenties, settling into careers. They are all enthusiastic flyers, and one is an aerospace engineer, who has built up an amphibian kit plane - a Gweduck actually - and are flying up to the Alaskan Panhandle for a camping vacation together in the wilds. They will fly into a cloud and when they come out they will be in the Volant setting. They know this - it's no bait and switch.

They have two characters finished. One is the engineer - who has a lot of science background; physics, chemistry, etc. - and the other is a veterinarian. She is very good with animals, communicating and controlling as well as treating.

Neither one has a high weapon skill. This is perfectly understandable given their backgrounds, and will be fascinating to play, but they will have to deal with monsters and men unskilled, or use some non-violent means. Both are happy with their characters. I'm not even sure how they could generate these characters from the templates in S&W, but they did! This will be very interesting.

One thing that seems to have helped is the Hobbies option from SC4 Toolbox 5, where you can swap out skills from your hobbies for skills from your job. I know the Engineer used this with a Science hobby to change his skills to a more science focus, and the third character's player has also mentioned that this was helpful, though I have not seen that character yet. One could also use this to gain more outdoorsy skills with a camping hobby, for example.

Anyway, I am interested ti see how this will all work out.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Testing a Separate RPG Setup Game

Klax, El and I played a rousing playtest game of setup for the StarCluster 4 - In The Beginning RPG. Or any solar system only rpg, actually! :D It worked out quite well, with some very minor modifications needed. The game worked perfectly as a setup for the RPG! By 2120, the Great Powers were USA, UK, Malaysia, S. Korea, and the Philippines, and the Lesser Powers were The EU, Iran, Ethiopia, New Zealand, and Chile. There was an independent colony on moon in the Mare Nubium. There were self-sufficient colonies on Mercury Orbital 1 (NZ), Mars Orbital 1 (SK), and Ceres (Malaysia). There were mostly stable colonies on Earth Orbital 1 (Philippines), Earth Orbital 2 (Malaysia), Vastitis Borealis on Mars (USA), Ganymede (NZ), Io, (Iran), Oberon (UK), and Venus (SK). Mostly Unstable colonies were on North Pole Mars (Philippines), and Titan (Chile). There were new Unstable colonies on Neptune Orbital 1 (NZ), and Eris (Ethiopia). Quite an interesting layout! I'd be happy to play in that setup! :D As a board game, it is currently lacking competitive rewards, which we are instituting with open goals and competitive secret goals. Hopefully that will play well! The game took 2 and a half hours to go 100 years into the future, and that included copious note-taking for details that a board game would not need.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

New Campaign Starting

It's Normandy, France, August 1940. The French army has been overrun, and most of France is occupied. Chantal De Marais, a 19 year old girl, has had her mother taken by the SS, leaving her living alone in their cottage. Chantal and her mother are both witches.

In her barn are three young men - Lillac Emmerich, 18 year old Romany; Julius Kanal, a 21 year old ex-Lithuanian soldier; and Francis Chetko, the eldest at 22, a Slovak from Prague.

Lillac escaped Germany with his family to France, but after the fall of France, his siblings were taken by the SS, his mother and the rest of his family killed in their caravan. Lillac is the son of a djinn and a human, and the SS were looking for him.

Julius was in his last year at military college in Kaunas, but when the Soviets invaded, he fled through Germany and into France. Julius and his twin took after their remote ancestor, a full blooded angel.

Francis was also a cadet, but when Czechoslovakia was invaded by Germany, he fought against the invaders and was blinded. The Germans let him go after they captured him, and he too wandered west into France. Francis was a powerful Hunter, raised by a priest to fight the most horrid creatures of the night.

The Villagers know of the three young men in Chantal's barn, and think she is a slut like her mother, who never married. they all know that Chantal is a witch, but they tolerate her because she doesn't curse them or their livestock, and makes charms for them. They also despise the Bosche, and tell them nothing.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

A space ship - for no particular reason

Hey! Why not! It's something to post! :D

Obviously it's a StarCluster 3 ship with tiny fuel tanks for Matter and Antimatter!