Saturday, March 21, 2020

More on Blood Games 4

Blood Games 4 is requiring some SERIOUS changes! All, I think, for the better, but it is taking more time than expected! At every turn, I am unable to just put in what served for Blood Games II as we are trying to make things work consistently, not all as special exceptions to the rule! Klax and I sit down and restructure, say, the Warlock so that it adheres to these principles, and it takes hours to restructure! Also the changes have new and interesting implications! Witches are able to link together and share MAG points now, for example, with the entire coven able to cast mammoth magic spells! It is exciting, interesting, and fun, but fast? Not so much! Be patient, my friends!

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Sextillius Review

Jamie Funk reviewed my Sextillius Album here:

Review of Sextillius

A quote:

"One of my favorite songs was the opener entitled “I Choose the Sun” which combines distorted, reverb-laced echo guitar with electronic percussion and an overall haunting vibe. It reminded me of the vibe I was hearing on the release Blackstar by David Bowie mixed with elements of Primal Scream."

Compared my music to Bowie's! I can die happy now!

Thursday, February 27, 2020

A musical interlude!

Released my eighth album, Impact, on Bandcamp today. CD Baby release comes later! Listen to the first track. If you like it, listen to the second. As Blondie almost said, streaming is free!


Saturday, February 15, 2020

Blood Games 4 Bestiary

We are currently working on the Blood Games 4 Bestiary. We are completely revamping it. I just essentially copied the original bestiary when I came out sith Blood Games II, just tweaking for the new system, so this will be the first complete change. We have changed the presentation, from a listing in paragraph form to a one page complete tool for GMs. The GM can now just copy/print the relevant page complete, and use it as an interface. If you have 4 imps as opponents, just print it out 4 times! Here is an example:

If you compare this with the BGII Imp entry, it has completely changed. We are looking at the sources instead of the BGII listing and putting the result in BG4 form. Note that Spirits are ranked, all attacks have dice, Target Number, damage, and range listed clearly. All Attributes are clearly listed, with damage boxes. Weaknesses are things that particularly harm the creature - doing double damage, or having twice the effect. Vulnerabilities are things that the creature is vulnerable to - such as blessed or silver weapons. The remarks give a full overview of the creature, explaining things in some detail.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Blood Games 4

My son Klaxon and I have been working on translating the Blood Games series of urban fantasy games to the StarCluster 4 system. Blood Games I (2003) used the StarCluster 1 rules from 2002, as Blood Games was my second game, but being an entirely different genre, it was all exception-based. Blood Games II used the cleaner but still clunky StarCluster 2 rules. I never did integrate the Blood Games line with StarCluster 3 - On Her Majesties Arcane Service and Outremer were both written using the StarCluster 2 system, so there is no Blood Games 3.

Blood Games 4 uses the StarCluster 4 system, which is robust and flexible enough to accommodate the differences in genre without using exceptions. I have made Player's Option characters, who are different because of what they are, as species, while Path characters, who are different because of what they know, as Template Trees.

OHMAS will become a Blood Games Toolbox for Renaissance play, probably called Blood Games 4 - Renaissance, and Outremer will become a setting for Blood Games 4 with that Toolbox. This will make Blood Games development easier, and new stuff will follow that pattern.

Thursday, December 19, 2019

A Short Musical Interlude

I released my seventh album today. It's called Burning Chariot, and is songs written and recorded between November 8 and December 19, 2019. Each album has, I think, been better than the last. Certainly the difference between this one and my first album is gigantic. I continue to evolve and learn.

Burning Chariot

My previous album, Sextillius, is now available for free streaming on youtube:


And my fourth and fifth albums, Plush Universe and Strange Attractor, were reviewed on Divide and conquer:

Reviews of Plush Universe and Strange Attractor

So we live in interesting times!

Monday, December 2, 2019

Mandelorian Armor

I created six suits of Mandelorian armor using the In Harm's Way: StarCluster 4 armor sheet. Each one is built form the same stock Mandelorian armor, but each is modified differently - one is geared for enhanced sensory input, one enhances physical attributes, one is heavy armor geared for absorbing damage, one is command armor with enhanced comm, one is designed for enhanced mobility with jet engines, and one is light maneuverable scout armor with camoflage capabilities. These are for the mercenary group who are trying to pass themsleves off as Mandelorians. I hope this is an interesting idea for the players. They may have to draw lots to get their choice!