Monday, October 24, 2016

StarCluster 4 - Classic Aliens

Today I released StarCluster 4 - Classic Aliens

This is the classic StarCluster 2 setting Advanced Aliens - those capable of spaceflight. Also includes extended essays on three of these aliens.

Lulu - For print copy:

One Book Shelf - For pdf:

Precis Intermedia - For pdf:

Thursday, October 20, 2016

StarCluster 4 - Sweet Chariot

Today I released StarCluster 4 - Sweet Chariot as an upgrade to Sweet Chariot 2, so all of you who bought it in the recent Steam Powered bundle can get a free upgrade

. Otherwise, it's available from:

One Book Shelf in pdf:

Precis Intermedia Games in pdf:

and Lulu in print and pdf:

This was a fun project for me, and one of my all-time favorite settings to run a game in! It brings the number of StarCluster 4 games out there to 7, 3 new games and 4 new editions!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Sweet Chariot tl;dr Page!

Worked on tl;dr pages for Chariot nations today. Klax suggested a tl;dr page for Chariot itself. I thought that was brilliant! Here is the result! Chariot under normal circumstances would be a prison planet...

Saturday, October 1, 2016

What I'm Working On Now

Working on Classic Setting Aliens supplement. I've translated the old classic setting aliens into StarCluster 4 aliens - which means I have recreated them from the ground up, using the old versions as quidelines. Right now Albert is writing an in depth article on one of the aliens.

Also working on layout and editing for My son Klaxon's supers game - Look! Up In The Sky! Mechanically, the changeover from SC3 to SC4 is done, by Klax - now I need to lay it out in the one-page-infographic style of StarCluster 4!