Monday, February 13, 2012

More on the Project Codenamed Avian Knights

Some more stuff I 've been thinking on:

Chargen will entirely consist of layering templates. Many templates will have switches, but some will have none. This worked great in Tools of Ignorance, and I'll use it here as well. You will have a stats template + a background template + an apprentice template, then you can buy additional training templates.

Advancement will be by buying training templates. You cannot advance until you take time off to train between adventures.

The military game will gain points through Notice. The civilian game will gain points through Fame. You get both by doing cool stuff appropriate to the character. There will be guidelines for the GM to interpret.

Weapons can start off as either Normal or Special. Special weapons cost more, as they are of excellent craftsmanship, and can be further modified into either Holy or Ancestral weapons. These are equal in power, but different. Holy weapons take their power from the character's religion, and in the hands of anyone not of that religion, they function as Special weapons; while Ancestral weapons take their power from the character's family, and in the hands of someone not of that family, function as Special weapons. Both Holy and Ancestral weapons can be further modified into Legendary weapons. These, while retaining their Holy or Ancestral qualities, have further powers for being Legendary. In the hands of anyone other than the character, they will function as Holy, Ancestral, or Special weapons, as appropriate. Note that the powers are not magical, and are entirely due to placebo effects and respect. Special weapons are better than Normal weapons because they are better made in the first place.

Religion will be much like this world - many competing religions, but no god interventions, no clerical magic, and no answers to eternal questions. Clerical effects are limited to faith-based placebo effects.

Again, the only magic is inherent in the setting itself. I have not yet decided on how far to allow alchemy - the use of natural magic to achieve specific effects - to go. Originally I would limit it to potions and the like, and still strongly lean that way. There is magic in the stone, in the plants, and in the animals; and alchemy is the skill of combining these into different blends.

More later!


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