Friday, March 1, 2013


Volant will be published this month. I got enough feedback from a few beta testers to go ahead with it. I just need to test the new resolution mechanic (StarWorm) and the trading minigame in-play.

Klaxon will release Look! Up In The Sky! very soon for Beta Testing. It needs more illos, but it's been awesome so far in Alpha Test. If you are interested, let me know.

I got some great responses to my posts about Lowell Was Right. I'm working on CharGen now, later on I'll be working on some setting. It's an odd duck, and probably will be a dismal financial sink, but I love the premise. The thing is, people keep thinking it's going to be Pulp, and it's not. Pulp SF comes from the same sources - nineteenth century scientific gestalt - but it will be treated as hard Science Fiction. Currently, I am working on Skill Trees - graphic representations of characters' professional templates and how they interrelate. Chargen will be by stacking templates, as it is in Volant.

After that? Maybe In Harm's Way: Tank! or In Harm's Way: Frozen Chosin, or maybe a Blood Games II game set in the Vietnam War. I have a lot of ideas...


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