Monday, September 30, 2013

Playtest 2 of Lowell Was Right!

Saturday's playtest session seriously rocked! The group had decided to run an earth-only campaign, where they were secret agents of the League of Nations (Not the historical league, but a super nation of the Eastern US and Canada, the UK, New Zealand, Australia, and a few smaller nations) in a world where the Germans won WWII, and all of Europe save the UK was Nazi.

They had been in Berlin only a few hours when both groups were visited by the Gestapo, and strange questions put to them. One two person group's cover was as a Mormon reporting team from Zion - a Nazi ally, and the other as a husband and wife Italian arms maker from Milan.

There was a League air raid on Berlin, and the power went out. The reporter and photographer went to the factory they were interested in and conducted some investigation and sabotage. Meanwhile, the husband and wife seduced the industrialist who owned the factory and his personal secretary during the raid and blackout.

Afterward, the husband and wife were abducted by a resistance group. They shot their way out and deliberately killed the partisans, plus one Royal Navy officer with them. The office had given them the backgrounds of real persons currently existing. They are starting to think they were being set up.

Lots of tight, tense action, paranoia and suspicion.

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