Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Star Wars-ish Characters

An intro to the characters in my Star Wars-ish game:

The Crew of the Albireo

Sharaska Vey, Captain and pilot of the smuggling ship Albireo, Sharaska is a stunning Togruta of 38 years. She is a master pilot, and has Masteries in Beam Weapons, Sneaking, and Stashing contraband. She is smart and strong-willed, and is always finagling for a profit.

Dindar is a Wookiee, dapper and sleek, and 31 years old. He's a ladies' man, and has been known to be kidnapped by love-lorn women. He is the co-pilot, and pretends he understands the ship's machinery, which he bangs on with a wrench until it surrenders and starts working again, or it completely falls apart. As the only male in the crew, he gets far too much attention.

Delilah is a pretty Twi-Lek thief and stage magician of 30 years. Actually a Force adept, she uses stage magic to make people think she's not using the Force. Sh is the ship's cargomaster and the Captain's right arm.

G2S4 (General-Purpose 2 Spacer 4) is a droid assassin, disguised as a butler. He is a Master at programming and Beam Weapons, and can do just about any job on the ship except pilot.

Lyssia Highsaber is  a 40 year old human. Attractive and ultra-competent, she has masteries in Navigation, Blades, Ship's Drives, Electronics, and Mechanics. She is strong in the Force, but completely untrained.

The Passengers

Daykon is a very handsome human Jedi of 30 years. He is firmly of the Light side, and a master of Stun, Telekinesis, and Blade. He is a human, arrogant and roguish. He lived quietly on a backwater planet for many years, attracting no attention from the Empire.

Duke Warcest is a Dark-side human Jedi of 32 years. He is a master of Jedi Mind Tricks and Telekinesis, and loves to manipulate people. He hid for many years among a teeming crowd of people in the sector capital. He is patient and sly.

Hosia Zabos is a mildly Light-side human Jedi, and also 32. Strong and enduring, he is Master of Melee Weapons, Telekinesis, and Shield. He hid for a long time on an ice age planet, making a good living by trapping and hunting animals and selling their fur. he uses a Light Pike - a long-handled staff-like weapon, and is upright and blunt. Intellectually he professes neutrality in the Light vs Dark question, but has a slight attachment to the Light.

Torota Savina is a 25 year old Timactrin female Padawan. She is sleek and otter-like, and militantly neutral in the Light vs Dark question. She is Padawan to Hosia, and her coming to him, with Daykon and Duke tagging along, precipitated their flight from the comfortable lives they had been living in hiding into their desperate search for the Rebel Alliance.

Torota was half-trained, but her master died leading her people, the Timactri, to pushing the Empire out of their space. Her people wanted her to lead, but she - being extremely traditional Gray Jedi - did not consider herself a Jedi yet, and left them to find a new master. The Force led her to Duke, Daykon, and finally Hosia - whose masters all had the same master, and thus knew each other - but the Empire was trailing her, as she is naive and a motormouth. They fled just ahead of the Imperial unit that was there to capture them, and have been on the run ever since.

Last year they were instrumental in bringing the Mon Calamari into alliance with the Timactri, and eventually, they hope, with the larger Rebel Alliance.

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