Saturday, December 27, 2014

An Example Setting Element From The Necklace

This is one element of the example setting I generated randomly for The Necklace, using the generation tools in the game.

Element Label: Wreck (86)
Element Description: Failed Freestanding Structure
Element Size: Large
Other Element Data:
Settlement Type: Former Rasi Shantytown
Settlement Name: Heiron
Settlement Size: Village equivalent
Settlement Ancillaries/Facilities/Resources: None
Other Settlement Features: Poor Rasi Gravitics
Cultural Oddities:
Economics - Barter within families, theft and pillage outside families.
Interpersonal - Legal Incest
Leisure -
Fashion - Many Braids
Taboos -
Obligations - Frequent Fasting
Slavery -


Heiron used to be part of Thermopolis approximately 40 years ago. It was a shantytown, where Thermopolis’ poor lived. It was shut down and evacuated as unsafe, and sure enough, the next windstorm saw it swept away into the Necklace.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t evacuated very well. Three Rasi families were still hiding in the structure when it went overboard in the storm, and their descendants inhabit it still. The Rasi-made gravitics are weak and wobbly, supplied by salvaged solar panels that used to power billboards, but there’s enough there to live. The inhabitants catch and eat wildlife, and forage for windblown plants that have lodged in the structure.

Life in Heiron is dangerous and precarious. The three families - the Jongs, the Akefs, and the Gardners - vie for supremacy amid the ruins, kidnapping members of the other families for breeding when possible, and inbreeding when it is not. While legal incest is not normally a Rasi custom, in the breakdown of society in Heiron after the storm, it has become a recognized necessity.

Each of the families have about thirty members, frequent births more than making up for the frequent deaths, though two generations of inbreeding has fixed certain undesirable recessives in all three families. Repair of the all important gravitic grids and their power sources are about the only reason for truces.

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