Tuesday, August 11, 2015

First outlines of StarCluster 4 - System

Working on StarCluster 4.

I'm dropping the old Constitution mechanic, going with a completely different mechanic using successes.

I'm adding Negative Edges.

I'm using an adaptatation of the Lowell Was Right! skill system - you can have a maximum of 3 in any skill. Any more goes to a sub-skill, which is freeform - like Science/biology or Blade/dagger.

I'm using the Template Tree chargen method like in Lowell or Volant.

All resolution methods will use the same scales, so you can change resolution methods on the fly.

Some big changes in the game itself, which I didn't anticipate. I was thinking it would be more about the presentation, so fooled me! :D


  1. It's good that you can still be surprised. I like the max on the skills and having to go into sub-skills beyond that.

    1. Thanks, Bon-bon! :D

      Being surprised is what I live for! Imagine how boring life would be if it consistently met expectations! :P

      I went into this project with an idea towards how StarCluster 4 would be presented, but since there was nothing wrong with SC3, doing little to improve it. There may be nothing wrong with the game, but I began playing with ways to make it better, smoother, more elegant. The one thing that restricts a group from changing resolution mechanics is the need to recreate the characters with different scales of Constitution. Fixed. The method I have come up with also facilitates use of magic and Psi. Armor now is simpler to use. The template trees guide and support the players without stifling their creativity. Broad base skills with specialties give characters clear foci and differentiation. Negative Edges are really a no-brainer. The game will be easier to learn while still being supple, flexible, and strong.

  2. It will be good to see the changes. Easier to learn is always good. NOW to see if it REALLY is easier to learn. You already know it so it will always make sense to you.

    1. Exactamundo, Bonni! That's what playtesting is for! *IN MY HEAD* it is simpler and easier to learn, but it may, in fact be simpler and _harder_ to learn, and/or I can make something simple and easy into something complex and difficult by the way I describe/explsin it in the game.