Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Politics and Teruvar

One of the realities of living within a Teruvar is that you are there on sufferance. The Teruvar itself is, in essence, the absolute monarch. You, after all, living inside the body of a much larger being. Unlike any other form of government, where the government gets its power from the people, the government of the Teruvar is the Teruvar. Essentially, you have no more vote in what the Teruvar does than does a single E. Coli organism in the gut of a Human.

Now, this does not mean that the inhabitants of a Teruvar have no power. After all, E. Coli can make a Human very conscious of their presence collectively, but the Humans must rely on the Teruvar's innate decency and willingness to allot them some say. All of the Seven have pledged not to eject their peoples without warning or without time to relocate. After all, what is Human or Jeshen scale time to a Teruvar? Still, each agreement is between the Teruvar and the people who live inside it.

There must be a high degree of trust between the two for any such agreement to be made. Generally speaking, a Teruvar controls the number of people living within, and any single person may be ejected - that is removed from the covenant which binds the people and Teruvar, and thus forced to live elsewhere. A Teruvar often will select a person, Jeshen or Human, to represent them in talks with the rest of Jeshen Space. The representative will negotiate any deal, then submit the deal to the Teruvar in question, who can say yea or nay. In any case, the seven inhabited Teruvar all have thus far elected to retain control of access, and not delegate this power to the people within.

So far, the Teruvar in general have thus far chosen to drastically limit the number of people inside them. Where a large Teruvar may be theoretically able to support tens of millions, none has so far granted more than a tiny fraction of these numbers access. Within the Teruvar, the settled scale is very small, and the people within live a more rural lifestyle than many in Jeshen Space. Children are very limited, under replacement by default, with increase coming through permitted immigration. This may be due to various reasons - a desire to keep control by the Teruvar, a need to know each settler personally, a preference for the natural ecosystem, or many other reasons.

Each Teruvar is an individual, with individual rules and cultures inside. The settlers stay on good terms with the Teruvar, for obvious reasons, and thus personal freedom is generally very good. Teruvar are not micro-managers. As long as the inhabitants stay within the guidelines set down, they can do pretty much what they want.

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