Friday, August 19, 2016

Drusilla Singh-Wu

One of the characters I created yesterday for Dark Orbital:

Drusilla Singh-Wu

Drusilla is currently an exterminator, which gives her a Poor Lifestyle, though she has been a courier and an actress on the Yakker net in the past. She kills rats and sells the meat. Her feet have been cut off and replaced by integrated in-line skates, making her very fast, though walking and climbing are awkward. She has a lot of other cheap ass modifications - a built-in Yakker Comm, An Adrenaline Surge pump, A Blood Oxygenator so she doesn't need to breathe for 15 minutes at a time.

She also has a permanent Augmented Reality game in her brain, her skin can change color arbitrarily, and implanted chromatophores and squid neurons to control an animated snake tattoo that slithers over her body. She also has had her hair replaced by snakes recently, but that changes over time. She has also had chinchilla fur and a feathered crest at other times. Dru is a slave to fashion, though she does her best to create it.

She is fully genetically human, and is 27 years old.

Note I didn't give you her attributes and skills - why would you care about those? :D

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