Saturday, November 5, 2016

The New Humans of StarCluster 4 - The Ruins

So my latest project is called StarCluster 4 - The Ruins. It's about a successor culture to the Humans, who have departed, leaving their ruins behind. The various playable character species come from various backgrounds, aliens, uplifts, and a bioroid, but there is also the New Humans. New Humans call themselves just Human, and think they are the same people who left the ruins, but they are not, not quite. They are an offshoot of Humanity left behind while at a very low Tech Level. They were created using the Alien and Uplift creation tool, as were standard SC4 Humans, but each time the choices were different. Old Humans were Endurance Predators, while New Humans are Arboreal Omnivores; which leads to a very different species. The most obvious external difference is New Humans have a Nictitating Membrane and Prehensile Tails. Compare:

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