Thursday, January 26, 2017

Swim Sheba

This song uses my lower register. I never used to sing in this range. It's a fast 6/8 with lyrics from a post apocalyptic future, specifically my game FTL Now.

Swim Sheba Copyright 2017 clash bowley

Salt Liquor! It tastes of the best and it makes you so wild Oooh, Sheba! Nothin', never never nothin's gonna get you so high Cry Tiger! Take a little sip and, take a little sip and Poor baby! Lost off the bridge let the wind take your cry And she sings!

Cool Lucy! She got in her hand a smooth nylon rope Cha cha Charlie! Sheba's long gone and you ain't got no hope Swim Sheba! Gotta make it fast now, gotta make it fast now Poor baby! Wolves on the street and they come at a lope And they sing!

Cool Lucy! Ooh ohh little darlin', it's the best of your life Swim Sheba! Swallow the sewers, you swallow your pride Go Sheba! Gotta get ahold now, gotta get ahold now Poor baby! Sharks in the water they come at a glide And they sing!

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