Friday, May 26, 2017

Rogue Worlds in StarCluster 4 - All Out Of Time

Rogue worlds are the main source of chronotic crystals in AOOT. Chronotic crystals incorporate Dark Matter and Dark Energy into their makeup, but light interferes with this concentration, as shining a light through a crystal is the method of discharging these chronotic energies. Chronotic is a foundational technology for the Wavefront Empire.

Rogue Worlds are frequently settled by the empire to maximize chronotic crystal production. Norns prefer these lightless places. but they are not the only settlers of rogue worlds.

Rogue worlds are divided into warm and cold worlds. Most Non-Norns prefer warm. Agriculture is possible on warm rogue worlds if settlers have local artificial light or if harvesting aphotic life forms. Artificial light interferes with Dark Matter and Dark Energy collection in chronotic crystals, thus is not allowed where such crystals are grown.

Cold rogue worlds use protected, enclosed areas for food production. Norns prefer aphotic-based diets, as the lack of light does not bother them, and they need to maintain a certain level of warmth anyway for their own bodies. Chemosynthesis-based organics can feed large numbers of dependent biotics, though Norns prefer to harvest primary producers and treat the biomass for various tastes.

Ultimately, natural life on rogue worlds depends on either radiant heat from hot gas giant primaries, or geothermal heat - either residual or tidally-induced. Parahumanity can, of course, create artificially supported life areas based on fusion energy, though fission energy can also be used where practical.

Important Words: Parahuman - of or dealing with all human offshoot species. Combinatory forms - Parahumanity, Parahumanic. Short form - Paran.

Chronotic - of or pertaining to the manipulation of time. Combinatory forms - Chronotics.

Aphotic - of or pertaining to the absence of light. Combinatory forms - Aphotism, Aphotics, Aphotal.

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