Friday, October 6, 2017

Yet Mo' Kitbash!

Last week my Kitbash of Sabre & World and Volant started over Discord, but stopped after an hour, as one of the played got sick. Thursday, we finally got to play a full session, and it went very well! The PCs were flying from LA to the Alaska Panhandle for a vacation in a private amphibian plane. They went into a cloud, and when they came out, a huge chunk of land the size of Connecticut was tearing out of the earth and floating into the sky right in front of/underneath them.

They avoided the crash, saw a woman's body fall out of the sky, got no signal on GPS or radio, and watched as smaller chunks broke off and fell or floated away from the main floating island. They landed on a lake on one of these smaller fragments, about 14 X 9 miles at the widest.

They taxied to shore and out on a beach. Two women riding a giant raven landed after asking permission. The PCs has come into the middle of a three sided war over the main floating island, Three separate sky nations had claimed it, and they were now fighting amongst themselves. They were not speaking English. The PCs stated they were claiming this land. The women accepted it, and they killed a feral cow and brought out the beer keg to celebrate.

A very interesting start. They didn't search for the best fragment, but took the first one they landed on. I didn't expect that. It is the lowest, therefore the hottest, of the major fragments that split off from the main island. I have no idea where this is going. :D

Frank's sketch map of the fragment:

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