Monday, March 12, 2018

Three Years Ago...

Three years ago - in real life and in the game - a space ship took off on a simple jump to a nearby system... and never arrived. The crew - the wealthy and famous crew - left behind four young girls they had rescued from a life as child prostitutes and also left them their fortunes. The kids were going to college when their adopted family disappeared, and they were besieged by the press - How do you feel? Why do you think they left you behind? Do you resent your family?

At the beginning of this year, they found a possibility - an accident could have propelled their family ship into a mega jump out of known space! And there might be a way to replicate it and follow them!

The girls have brought two physicists into the family who have cracked the megajump puzzle. Now their "aunt" - a semi retired member of the crew named as executor by the family - has bought a spaceship manufacturer in trouble, and a ship is now ready to make that megajump into the complete unknown. The four girls and their friends and lovers will have to be prepared for anything! Aiens? Slavers? A looming evil star empire? A black hole? They have no idea.

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