Friday, February 15, 2019

Putting Meat On The Bones

So Klaxon and I are filling out the solar system we ended up with after playing a game of The Great Game, which is a board game I designed, basically to do just this, although this is the first time we have played it in it's real intended role. We have played it several times as a straight board game, and really enjoyed it. The big difference is in writing everything that happens down, in a way that the GM can make into a history of the setting.

We are undergoing the process of 'fleshing out' the final state of the Great Game, which starts in 2020, and ends in 2120, leaving a slew of settlements all over the solar system. This involves looking at who settled this colony - maybe it was started by South Korea, then continued by Brazil and brought to stability by Indonesia.

This polyglot community is probably unique, with its own strange amalgamations of holidays, customs, and languages. What do they work on here? What do they export? What do they PLAY at? How did they get to this point?

Klax and I have got all the way to Mars. From here, things thin out rapidly! But there are still some hugely important places left to do - Ceres, Oberon, Titan, and Pluto all have massive independent nations, with multiple markets and diverse populations, and they all have a story, created in the Great Game. Researchers on Titan found the cure for Mega-AIDs, and grew from a tiny, hardscrabble scientific community to full independence in a single decade. All due to actions the players took in The Great Game.

Now we put it all together, and make it all work!


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Tim! Sorry it took so long, but I lost my computer for a long time, and then I forgot about checking this
      blog entirely after not doing it for so long! We finished it all up, and I am actually running two concurrent games in the same setting, on alternating Saturdays.

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