Saturday, November 30, 2019

Post Mandelorian

I really, really am jonesing to do a Star Wars-ish game based in the setting of the Mandelorian. I am developing the idea, and will probably move to that when we are done with Weirder Stuff. I am setting up 3 different concepts. The players will choose which they would prefer to play.

In one, the PCs play effectuators of a local rebellion leader - not, or at least not yet, a part of the ineffectual New Republic - who is trying to stabilize the local area of space. In the second, the PCs play former effectuators of a local ex-Moff, who is attempting to stabilize and take over the local space area, who have turned against their former master, and are doing what good they can where they can. In the third, the PCs will play ex-Imperial prisoners who have found Mandelorian armor and are attempting to pass themselves off as a Mandelorian mercenary clan.

In all cases, the PCs are Force sensitives who were rounded up by the Empire and used as test subjects, and the local area will be the same. They will have an ancient ship, modified - or perhaps worn down would be more accurate - from stock to fit the needs of the Association, and constituting the bulk of their assets.

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  1. Yeah, the Mandalorian is sparking all sorts of ideas with me too.