Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Blood Games 4

My son Klaxon and I have been working on translating the Blood Games series of urban fantasy games to the StarCluster 4 system. Blood Games I (2003) used the StarCluster 1 rules from 2002, as Blood Games was my second game, but being an entirely different genre, it was all exception-based. Blood Games II used the cleaner but still clunky StarCluster 2 rules. I never did integrate the Blood Games line with StarCluster 3 - On Her Majesties Arcane Service and Outremer were both written using the StarCluster 2 system, so there is no Blood Games 3.

Blood Games 4 uses the StarCluster 4 system, which is robust and flexible enough to accommodate the differences in genre without using exceptions. I have made Player's Option characters, who are different because of what they are, as species, while Path characters, who are different because of what they know, as Template Trees.

OHMAS will become a Blood Games Toolbox for Renaissance play, probably called Blood Games 4 - Renaissance, and Outremer will become a setting for Blood Games 4 with that Toolbox. This will make Blood Games development easier, and new stuff will follow that pattern.


  1. Sweet! Looking forward to Blood Games 4.

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