Monday, July 27, 2009

Random Damage as Hit Location

Here's an abstraction I love. Random Damage as hit location. The higher the damage, the more vital the area hit. The lower the damage, the more peripheral the location. This works especially well when skill figures into damage.

More later!



  1. I do something like this now.
    I used to have a full hit location system, but it becaem unwieldy.

    What it morphed into was a ruling based on % of HP remaining. When the 25% threshold was reached, I'd start rolling on the location chart and type of wound. I wrote the chart into a descending order, where the higher the % roll, the more critical the area and the worse (in terms of permanence) the wound.
    All it took there was an additive to the location roll based on the fraction of HP remaining....

  2. Hi LV!

    I think it's a neat, petite, and sweet idea, and you can use it in any game. Cool that you thought of the same thing!