Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Future Projects

I have a bunch of projects that are very interesting to me, but I'm not sure which I should do after IHW: StarCluster. Here's the choices:


This would be an alt-historical Blood Games game, set in the Holy Land. History diverged when Saladin's brother married Richard Couerleon's sister as was proposed but did not happen in real history. It is now 1600, and the Crusader States have survived in an uneasy alliance-conflict cycle with the Islamic kingdoms of the area. The cultures of the area have blended and merged in different ways, and new hybrid states have emerged. This game would take much of what was developed for OHMAS, and bring in new Islamic and Judaic Paths of Power.

In Harm's Way: Pigboats

This game would be an IHW game set in WWII, with the PCs being officers and crew (troupe style) of submarines. This is a natural for RPGs - a self-contained vehicle with a moderate sized crew sent out alone on dangerous missions where there would be little strict oversight from the brass, and lots of room for PC improvisation. It woudl use the IHW ruleset of course.

A Very Different Now! - AKA Lowell Was Right!

This game would be another alt-history. This time, the idea is that the general scientific community of around 1900 actually got it mostly right. The very-different concepts that underlay Fin de Siecle science, if they were true, would yield a very, very different universe. In this world-view, for instance, the solar system's planets each had a time where life could thrive on them, but as the sun shrank and new worlds were created further in, the older, outer planets became cold, dark, and lifeless. Mars is older, but still habitable, with canals and a breathable but thin, cold atmosphere; while Venus is younger, a hot jungle planet with perpetual rain. The older civilizations on the moons of the Gas Giants have had their time in the sun, the Martians are no longer the fearsome force that destroyed the sixth planet and created the Asteroid Belt, and now - in the first years of the 21st century - it is Earth's time to shine. I don't know what system I would use - it's not pulp, but a very different Now - but Bill at Hinterwelt was intrigued and we may make it a cooperative project.

And there's always Glorianna... sigh!

So what do you all think?



  1. Cool ideas.
    I'd like to see the last one ore than the others but Historical-Alt stuff is rarely my forte. OHMAS being an exception.

  2. Hi Tim:

    That one - A Very Different Now - is going to require a ton of research, but I love the concept. The ticklish thing is getting the feel right, and what I have to go on is simply old, discarded science. The problem is entirely in finding out just exactly that was, since it's been... discarded. :P


  3. I think I like it.

  4. Hi Mike!

    Which one? I give three choices and you say "Yes." :D