Friday, November 20, 2009

In Harm's Way: StarCluster Progress

I finished the section for IHW:SC starship creation. As expected, it makes creating ships very easy, at the cost of a little flexibility and a lot of space. I created a few example ships, both to test out the method and to use as illustrations, and it all worked very well.

Next I need to create a similarly simple method of creating vehicles. I am thinking the best way to do this is the method I used in the Cold Space Vehicle Design Guide and the StarCluster Weapons Design Guide. In the CSVDG, I listed iconic vehicles with stats, and supplied a method of modifying the iconic vehicle in various ways, so long as all changes balanced. For example, you could add armor, but you'd have to drop something like speed or range to compensate. I'd create the iconic vehicles with the StarCluster VDG, and would recommend that for creating any user-generated iconic vehicles.

Next on the list is an alien generator, for peopling your own Cluster. This should have some wierd twists - the advanced aliens from the regular StarCluster game are not humans with funny foreheads or cat-aliens. Toads (Guaru) are humanity's closest allies, but their reproductive methods are creepy as all get out, and Slug-roaches (Tumuran) are just *wierd*. Imagine a species so alien that they "trade" by taking stuff and leaving what they consider just compensation in its place. And people call them "slug-roaches" for a reason - they eat decomposing food, scurry en masse on six slick, rubbery tentacles, and leave a trail behind.

This alien generator would be real useful even when playing in the standard StarCluster setting - I only created the Advanced species, leaving Backwards and Primitive species as an exercise for the GM. :D

Advanced in SC lingo means the species has at least fusion power. Backward means they have at least steam power but not fusion, and Primitive means pre-steam. These categories apply to human societies which could not maintain technological cultures during - and after - the 1200-1700 year long Diaspora as well as alien cultures. Cultures will only be contacted and traded with if they are Backward of higher. It is thought - with some solid evidence - that Primitive societies cannot stand the strain of contact, and tend to unravel.


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