Monday, July 12, 2010

Playtesting Snafus

Ran the latest alpha version of StarCluster 3 on Saturday. Klaxon was up from Florida, and was absolutely stellar as an alien plant-lizard doctor. We were using the StarRisk mechanics and hit an unexpected snag. Attempting anything with a +1 or +2 skill was ridiculously difficult! This didn't happen last time!

Then it hit me - this mechanic was intitially tested with In Harm's Way: StarCluster characters, who not only have higher attributes, but have many more Edges due to their training. What was nicely difficult for them became all but impossible for civilians. I immediately reset the difficulties, and things went fine from that point on. Stupid problem, simple fix! With the IHW:SC characters, I was more worried about the high end getting crazy. The new difficulties will work for either game now - somewhat easier for IHW:SC characters, but much more possible for SC3 characters.

The players plans to play as a medical soap - a la Gray's Anatomy - hit the immovable rock of only having one female doctor, and no female mercs. They *really* should have thought that one out! I think they will shift it more towards MASH eventually, based on last night's session...


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