Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sample Ship from StarCluster 3E - Showboat

This is a sample ship from StarCluster 3, a showboat, bringing plays and performances to far-flung colonies and affiliates who would otherwise never see such. The crew are mostly also performers of one type or another, pulling double duty.

The ship has a Performance Hall, seating 160 with balconies, with a Prop Room, a 2 story Stage, 5 Dressing Rooms, lighting, and sound. There are also a small Shop with souveniers, a larger Store with more substantial items for sale, a Restaurant with seating for 50, and a big Nightclub seating 100.

The ship carries no armament except for 4 Drone Lures - slow missiles which mimic the sensor signature of the showboat. Shields and armor are minimal - this ship is not meant to stand and fight. The ship is, of course, ornate and showy without being particularly comfortable. This ship masses a touch more than a loaded 747, but being made of much lighter plasteel, it is considerably larger.

Here is the ship sheet for the showboat:


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