Monday, October 4, 2010

Odds and Ends

I have released SC 3, so now I am dealing with the stuff I left out. Most of the supplemental stuff that was released for SC 2 has been included or covered in the new game, but there are bits and bobs left over that I will eventually have to rerelease. The Marial Arts supplement is a prime example. In SC3, I covered only 2 martial arts, brawling, the natural fighting style, and unarmed, a military/police oriented art. The Guide to Martial Arts, on the other hand, covered such MAs as Boxing, Karate, Jujitsu, Capoera, and others, with a method to create your own. Unfortunately, it's tied to percentile mechanics, and needs rewriting entirely to be mechanic agnostic.

I would also love to create some settings for SC3. One would be the Solar system as it was just before the Diaspora began, so that everything was TL 8 with no FTL. I think this would be a fascinating setting to play in, and worth doing right. Another would be Glorianna, but that would be a hugely complex job to take on!

I also need to create a slimmed down version of SC3 with a sample cluster to play in, to be released for free download. This would not have all the options and tools in SC 3, just a slimmed down chargen and a couple sample ships. It should be able to use the drop in resolution sub-systems, and accurately reflect the full game, though. In other words, slimmed down, not dumbed down.


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