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Outremer - the Kabbalist

The Kabbalist
The Kaballist is a person of knowledge, who approaches the arcane by means of religion and mathematics.

Kabbalists Gain:
+3 INT
+1 END
Linguistics +5

The Kabbalist is both deeply rational and something of a mystic, reading the tracks of magic on the face of nature. The Kabbalist has a deep seated belief in both God and Magic, which allows the Kabbalist to apply the tools of mathematics to the purpose of magic.

A Kabbalist is first and foremost a highly educated person. In addition to their normal skills, Kabbalists gain a mastery in Linguistics, with a fluency in Hebrew, Greek, and Latin. They gain this Mastery over the course of their education, gaining a rank in Linguistics every three years - Hebrew at the age of 10, Greek at 13, Latin at 16, and the other languages at 19 and 22. The Kabbalist may take other ranks of Linguistics by year, as he would any normal skill

Kabbalists must be first an Apprentice Scholar and then a Proto-Academic, though they do not have to pay for the education if their family Lifestyle is too low, as their intelligence would be noticed and funding made available. Kabbalists must have an INT of at least 11, and a Mathematics rank of at least +3 to qualify.

Kabbalists can Ward a stucture from intrusion, both material and spiritual. An area Warded by a Kabbalist cannot be scryed, spied upon, or entered by anyone not inside the wards when the Kabbalist sets them out. The Wards themselves are Sigils of magical and/or mystical power physically painted by the Kabbalist, over a door or other entrance to a structure. On a successful Warding roll, the Wards are activated, one success indicating three Wards activated, with one more Ward activated per success after that.

Once per day, the Kabbalist may read the day’s Astrological chart. On a successful Astrology roll, the player may make one roll per success on the Astrology Table below. The player determines which column(s) to roll on. The word indicated should be treated as a temporary Edges which are part of the environment, and available to whoever the Savant tells them to. Edges give a bonus to any other action when used, so long as the Edge could believably help. Each Edge point used adds a bonus die to the roll.
(Astrology table goes here - can't be formatted for this)
Note: the Kabbalist may roll several times on one column.

A Kabbalist can force Spirits and Djinn into containers - bottles, lamps, jars, chests, and the like - with words of power and Seal them inside. These words of Power are determined by a Mathematics check - all words being mathematical to a Kabbalist - with one word of power per success. The number of words of power must equal or exceed the rank of the Spirit or Djinn to be Sealed. The number of successes in the Seal check must also equal or exceed the rank of the creature sealed. The creature Sealed cannot escape without assistance from a person outside the seal. The Seal is permanent otherwise. The Seal is made of wax, inscribed with a Sigil by the Kabbalist, with words recited over the Seal as the wax is inscribed.

Creating Golems
The Kabbalist can also create Golems. The Kabbalist first sculpts a rough humanoid figure from clay. Then the Hebrew letters of the Name of God are recited in various combinations while dancing around the Golem in a circle seven times. Then the three hebrew letters EDM (Truth) are carved into the forehead of the Golem. At this point the Kabbalist breathes on the face of the Golem and makes a Mathematics check. Five successes are needed to animate the Golem.

Kabbalist Profession
Person using numerology and language to control magical effects. Kabbalists may be either Jewish or Christian.

Prerequisites: Apprentice Scholar and Proto-Academic, INT 11+
Waiver Roll: N/A
Base Lifestyle: Upper Middle Class
Skills available: Warding, Astrology, Seals, Linguistics, Analysis, Astronomy, Course, Overdo, Operate, Mechanics, Mathematics, Evaluate, Focus, History, Research, Instruct, Meditation

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