Tuesday, December 28, 2010

After Outremer - What?

I've begun working on Outremer again as ToI gets ready to release. I've finished four illos in the last week - including the one I popped up here before Christmas - which had been in various near finished states. I have begun writing it again as well. I need to write up the Kingdoms of Jerusalem and Armenia to wrap up my countries, then finish the Adventure Generator, the Djinn section, and Chargen before it will be ready to playtest. So - ToI in January, Outremer late in Q1.

After Outremer, what?

The Pre-Cluster Solar Setting for SC3?
In Harm's Way; Pigboats WWII Subs?
In Harm's Way: MiGs and Sabres Korea-Vietnam jets?
In Harm's Way: Frozen Chosin Korea ground combat?
Lowell Was Right - the strange solar SF setting that extrapolates 1900 science to the 21st century?

What would you all like to see?



  1. Glorianna as a Space Fantasy game that's really Near-Singularity Hard SF?

  2. I'm saving that to write with you. :D