Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Brief Note

The Lobsters vs Philadelphia baseball game I posted yesterday was run using Tools of Ignorance. Before I had been concerned about the lack of scoring, but that problem seems to be solved - witness the four homers and 6-5 score. :D

After the game, some of the player characters went out on the town to celebrate Chief's first Major League win, and had a riotously fun night. Chief, of course, is a kid, a rookie, and the other players were older guys - The Fixer, Stinky Pete, and the Stork. They told him outrageous stories, played practical and verbal jokes along with tons of put-downs, on each other, hit on the ladies, and we all laughed til our sides ached.

Anyway, the game seems to produce what feels like a real game. The ebbs and flows feel like baseball. Great plays, highlight reel at-bats, strategies, intimidations, and all the rest are all balled up in a participatory package. So far, I have been extremely pleased. The Challenge mechanic - the base of all fielding and running plays - works like a charm, and the limit of two challenges a game seems just right.


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