Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Finishing up Outremer

Well, Tools of Ignorance is out in Beta Test, and will soon be available, so I'm working on Outremer again. I've added some typical Arabic/Persian creatures and taken out any specifically English ones left over from OHMAS. I've added the Kingdom of Armenia and the County of Tripoli, with the Emirate of Homs and Kingdom of Jerusalem left to do.

I finished the Djinn section, which was fun! I also need to hammer out the Association design section and the equipment section. The Paths, Quasi-Paths, and Player Options systems are done, but I need to go over the professions. I also need to write a section for the Military Orders - the Knights Templar, Knights Hospitaler, Teutonic Knights, Knights of St. Lazarus, Knights of the Holy Sepulchre, Knights of St. Thomas of Acre, and Knights of St. Wenceslaus. After that - estimate the end of the month - and I will be releasing it for Beta test.


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