Sunday, June 19, 2011

Roludothon Pics

Here's the StarCluster group:

Jocelyn played the uplifted housecat Captain, who refused to make a decision.
Luc played the centauroid construct who was brilliant at following procedures, and helpless without them.
Conan played the excitable Chimpanzee Engineer who was always trying to take things over, because, y'know, he was just better at it.
El played the uplifted Harpy Eagle pilot, who wanted to fly away.
Chris played the uplifted Crocodile who never saw a problem he couldn't shoot.

Here's the Outremer Group:

El played the Edessan Faris (Knight), an Alevi Muslim.
Charles played the Jewish Kabbalist from Damascus. Jeffrey's brother-in-law.
Denis played the Brewer from Acre, who was a half-Djinn, and Anglican.
Charles II played the Aleppan Magus of Djibril, a Sunni Muslim.
Jeffrey played the Jewish Mechanist from Acre, who made an artificial hound.
Chris played the penniless Armenian Crusader, an Orthodox Christian.
Graham played the Cypriot Esotericist, a Roman Catholic.


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