Saturday, August 6, 2011

Caravansaraies II

Now let's move on to who is there at the caravansarai!

Roll 1d20, modified by the location, as before:

  • +0 if between cities but on a tertiary road.

  • +2 if between cities but on a secondary road

  • +4 if between cities but on a primary highway, or in a town.

  • +6 if in a small city.

  • +8 if in a large city.
1-2 A small scarred, rough looking group, not merchants, probably mercenaries or bandits
3-4 A small group of secretive merchants, possibly smugglers
5-6 A small group of scarred, rough fellows, outfitted for digging. Possibly treasure hunters
7-8 A wealthy person and small retinue of guards and servants
9 A small group, too silent and too wealthy for this caravansarai
10 A single woman in a burqa, accompanied by a heavily tattooed black eunuch with a sword
11 A group of five order knights in full regalia, each with a sergeant, accompanying a hooded prisoner
12 Half a dozen blue veiled Tuareg, riding beautiful matched black Barb horses
13 Six belly dancers, accompanied by guard eunuchs
14 A small caravan of pilgrims
15 A masked and cloaked courier, carrying only a set of saddlebags
16-17 A group of 20 musicians
18-19 A large merchant caravan carrying frankincense and myrrh
20-26 A huge merchant caravan, carrying silks and/or spices
27-28 A rich Lord and his large retinue - wives, servants, knights, and grooms


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