Tuesday, August 30, 2011

In Harm's Way: Pigboats Progress Report

IHW: Pigboats is making fast progress. I've already got chargen done, and several other, more minor chapters. I've started work on the other core chapter, the Submarine Combat section, which is called Hunter-Killer. Sub combat is very different from dogfighting or surface combat. It's all about stealth and position. Detecting the enemy without the enemy detecting you, then getting in position for a surprise ambush.

Sub combat is divided into 4 phases - Detection, Positioning, Attack, and Escape. Each of these phases are taut and dangerous. You may go right from Positioning into Escape if an enemy escort sees you. You may go from Escape into Attack - shooting an escort "down the throat" as it tries to ram your sub, for example. The classic progress through the phases is Detection, Positioning, Attack, and Escape, though. I also have to cover night surface attack, and gun attacks. Both of those are part of the submarine attack profile.

I also have to cover all the various types of mission a sub might be sent out to do - from dropping off spies to carrying cargo to shelling a position to lifeguard duty in air raids to special Ultra attacks on specific convoys or even ships. I'm really looking forward to this! :D


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  1. It sounds like it is coming right along Clash. Glad to see it. Can't wait to test it.