Sunday, May 13, 2012

Creating a Bird

For my Volant world building stuff! In this section, I will create a giant riding bird from scratch, illustrating the use of the random bird creation system.
I roll an 82, for a result of Horse sized. A middling bird, the size of the ancestral wild giant birds. This result gives me the following modifiers:
Const Adj. +5
Damage Base +20
Maneuv Modifier +2
Accel. Modifier +3
Ceiling Modifier +6
Break 3
Range Modifier X5.5

Damage Track
I roll a 63 for a base Constitution of 12. Added to the Constitution Adjustment above, this gives me 18 points on the Damage Track. I divide it onto 4X4, with 2 left over. I decide to apportion the Damage Track as 5,5,4,4.

Special Abilities
I roll a 94, giving me a result of Speech with Communicate 2 for Edges. Very useful! The bird can speak as well as understand commands!

Bird Flight
Here’s a long line of rolls to define the bird’s flight characteristics.
Base Accel. Roll 9, for a result of 5. Add to the Accel. Modifier (+3) to get a total of 8. Pretty fast!
Base Ceiling Roll 7, for a result of 7. Add to the Ceiling Modifier (+5) to get a total of 12. Good height too!
Max Speed Roll 6, for a result of +3. Add to the Acceleration (8) to get a total of 11. Sweet! This is a nice package here!
Base Maneuv Roll 3, for a result of 8, add Maneuv Modifier (+2) for a 10. Subtract from 20 to get a Stability of 10. Very good! A bird equally maneuverable as it is stable. I can see where this bird would be valuable.
Base Range Roll 6, for a result of 19. Multiply by the Range Modifier (7.5) to get a total of 104.5, rounded up to 105. Passable range, but not great. Maybe an Achilles Heel.

Armor Base
I roll for Armor Base - a 84, for a 2.0 base. Good.
Outer Covering I roll 70, for a result of Medium Feathers, and an additional 0.7 of Armor. Added to the base is 2.7, round up to 3. Solid - this one’s a keeper.

Natural Weapons
Roll of 86 - Beak and Talons! Sweet! This is a good attacker! Damage bonuses of +10 and +5, so when added to the Damage Base of +20, that’s +30 for the Beak and +25 for theTalons.
Attack Skill Roll of 57. That’s a +3. Solid, competent.

Particular Diet
Roll of 78. Result is Fish. I’ll have to do a lot of lounging on river banks!
Aggression Mod. This is +10 - Great! I don’t want a too-fierce bird!
Aggression Roll of 18 - plus 10 is 28 - Wary. Could be a lot worse!

Bird Intelligence Roll of 91... Whoa! Int of 4! That is one smart bird! So far I love it! This one’s a keeper!
Bird Attributes The next bunch of numbers are derived from the stuff we’ve already generated.
STR Horse Size gives a STR of 9. +5 Modifier.
COOR Maneuv of 10 gives a COOR of 10. +5 Modifier.
AGY Acceleration of 8 gives an AGY of 10. +5 Modifier.
END Range of 105 gives an END of 11. +10 Modifier.
CHAR Aggression of Wary gives a CHAR of 12. +10 Modifier.

Small Animals - I give it Meadow.

I roll a 7, then roll seven times for Sight, Sight, Smell, Smell, Hearing, Hearing, Touch.
Discern Get the average for Sight, Hearing, and Smell - 6/3 is 2, so it gets Discern+2

Pattern Roll 10 - Tipped over Gradation! Interesting! I’m seeing a sweet stippled look.
Carrying Capacity 90 kg without penalty. That’s about 200 pounds - good!
Ornaments Roll of 10 for a result of Choose any two. I decide to roll twice, and get a 5 (Unwieldy Beak) and a 6 (Long Neck). Cool!
Surface Texture Roll of 1 - Glossy! Oooh! This baby is shiny!
Colors I’ll roll three times on the Colors table, for tip, dark gradient, and light gradient colors. I roll 14 - Creme de Menthe, Sky Blue, or Pale Pink. I’ll go with Sky Blue. for the tip color. Next roll is a 53 - Dark Auburn, Leaf Green, or Dark Copper. I’ll take Dark Copper for the dark gradient color. I roll once more and get a 5 - White, Off-White, and Pale Pink. I’ll take Off White for the light gradient color.

Bird Growth Sizes OK - This bird is Horse sized, so a hatchling will be the size of a small dog, a youngling will be the size of a large dog, and a birdling will be the size of a pony.
Vigor Rating Now, we cross index the size of the bird - Horse - with its Constitution - 18 - and get a vigor of 25. Not great, but it could be worse.

Name the Breed
Sky Blue tipped over a Dark Copper to Off-White gradient, eats fish, with a big beak and long neck. I’ll call it Copper Heron! Great name!

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