Saturday, May 12, 2012

Example Religion - the Heavenly Path

Lets create an example religion for Volant, the Heavenly Path.

Conception of Deity - Ethical Philosophy

Communications With Worshipers - Ancestors give you guidance, following their good examples.
Superstition tells you things to avoid.
Chance is how God shows his hand.
Astronomy is stories about the constellations.

Organizational Hierarchy - Independent priests relate stories about the local level, and every temple has its own stories.
Monastic members retreat for spiritual enlightenment.
Teachers are priests who pass their knowledge on to the people.

Influence - Inconsequential because they do not concern themselves with politics at all. They feel the ethical precepts and stories they relate will influence politics organically.

Taboos and Obligations - Alchemical magic, as all magic, corrupts, as evidenced by the past, so too much reliance on potions is not a good thing.
Recreational time is regulated as too much of any good thing is a poison.
Ritual Meditation and prayer as a regular regimen will cleanse the soul.

Places of Worship - Shrines are located where momentous things happened, and are for general worship.
Temples are located in cities as places of worship and teaching.
Home is where your ancestors are honored.

Orthodoxy and Heresy - Big Tent of orthodoxy includes many separate and independent traditions.

Duties of Faith  - Alms teaches the worshiper compassion and humility.
Sacrifice is needed for a healthy soul.
Service is an extension of Alms, helping others.
Pilgrimage is done only by the most religious, traveling to all the many shrines to deepen the teachings.
Fasting is a part of Sacrifice, cleansing and disciplining the worshiper.

Paraphernalia of Worship - Holy Books hold the stories which are interpreted by the local teachers.
Music lifts the soul closer to God, and contains the oldest and deepest teachings.
Special Clothing marks out the teachers, monks and nuns as special.
Candles are symbolic of light in the darkness, and are lit in remembrance of ancestors.

Themes of Religion - Balance leads to a better world, reducing strain, both personal and public.
Protection stems from service and alms, extended to all of the worshiper’s nation.
Renewal is personal, changing one’s selfish ways to follow the precepts of the religion.

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