Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Star Wars Prequel in StarCluster

Tonight was an awesome session! Instead of Volant, since one player was out, we decided to start our Star Wars game as a prequel session. The game is set between the defeat at Hoth, and the Alliance victory at Endor. They each made two characters, one a Jedi or Padawan, the other a member of a smuggler's crew. The two halves of the group were forced together because the Jedis are fleeing Imperial eradication, and one of the Jedi was able to play a mind trick on the smuggler captain, and they are now off planet.

It ran smooth as silk, the players dropped into character like they were old friends, and things just felt like StarWars, not StarCluster.  We'll be playing this again next week as a different player will be out, then back to Volant. We sill pick this game up as soon as the Volant playtest is concluded. :D


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