Friday, November 9, 2012

Using StarCluster 3 to run StarWars

After StarCluster 3 was released in 2010, I made a couple posts on my blog on how one could run Star Wars with SC 3, despite SC 3 being a moderately hard SF game.

Well, Ive committed to run a Star Wars game using the StarCluster 3 ruleset, putting my money where my mouth is. Here's what I came up with as necessary rule changes:

Using the Force

The maximum power you can put into a Force skill is your Force rating. Each Power use will use up one point of the Related Attribute to open the channel. Roll skill chance. If successful, the Force skill can be used. One Attribute Point will return after1 hour of non-use, with one point regenerated per hour thereafter.

Unskilled Force Use

A character with Force can use any Force skill as unskilled, just as any other skill may be attempted unskilled. A character with no Force may not attempt to use a Force skill, even if the character actually has the skill. Any remnant Force a character with a zero rating in Force might posses is just too weak to accomplish anything.


Any character with Force may, by using a LUCK point, have a Hunch. A Hunch is a strong feeling about someone else. The player asks a specific question of the GM, telling the GM he is using a LUCK point:
Player “How does she feel about me? I’m using a LUCK here.”
GM: “You have a Hunch she is attracted to you, and is using the verbal jousting and insults as a form of flirting.”

The Hunch is always correct - the player has paid for it after all! - so do not use the Hunch to mislead a character. Hunches work by telling the character what another character is feeling or thinking. They do not give a character a correct solution to a problem, or give information about a thing or a place.

If a character uses a Hunch on another PC, the other player has to answer the question honestly and as completely as the GM would if the GM were answering, so long as the question was properly asked, just as if it were an NPC asked about.

No-Cost Force Use

Force skills can be used in a low-power, no-cost way. Using a Force skill in this manner does not cost the character any Attribute points. Close observation requires the character to look directly at the target from no more than 3 meters away

The Light Side and the Dark Side of the Force

The Force has two sides, a light side and a dark side. Performing actions which are hurtful, perverted, and destructive increase your dark side potential. Performing actions which are helpful, healing, and constructive increase your light side potential. Each step is far greater than the one before, and in order to focus more than one step far more is required of the character for the next step.

A character’s potential force is increased by focusing on the dark or light side. Characters are born with the force potential which maximizes at five. By focusing on one side or the other, one increases one’s power for that side by decreasing it on the other.

So, for example, a character with the force potential of three by focusing on the dark side intently might have a light side of one and the dark side of five. The light side or dark side may only be reduced to one, never to zero.
The character may use non-light or dark side inclined Force skills at the maximum potential. This would be the larger of either of the dark or light side.

Spaceship Differences

Spaceships in Star Wars operate differently than in star cluster.

Anything labeled G is a measure of speed not thrust. The 3G engine is just faster than the 2G engine.

Jump lines are labeled in light years of distance.

The ship may travel along the jump lines for as many light years as the navigator has transfer skill ranks. The ship may not exceed this limit, nor may it stop between stars along the jump line.

The Jump Drives must rest for 6 hours before initiating another jump line run.

There are no missiles.

All pods are counted as turrets.

Transfer is no longer a Psi/Force skill. Jump routes of ratings 1 and 2 can be performed by droids.

Jumps can happen from any place in a system clear of major gravity or debris.

Combat Differences

All Gun skill is the same as Beam skill.

Storm trooper armor has a coordination limit of six and 30 damage reduction.

Bounty Hunter armor has a coordination limit of 10 and 15 damage reduction.

All armors are ceramic

Miscellaneous Differences

No Uplifts.

No Augmentations

Implants are restricted and crude.

No  StarCluster Specific Humanoids - Sastra, Vantor, Tagris, etc.

Communications Tech works as in the Star Wars movies.

Systems are under control of a single Species.

No Biotech beyond Bacta tanks.



  1. There are torpedoes in the setting ("missiles") in fact that's what Luke uses to blow up the Death Star. I'd probably allow Uplifts as a way to handle the "animal people" sorts of aliens, but with careful overwatch.

  2. There are torpedoes in IHWSC too, limited to military use, just like the ones in SW, So I'm OK there. :D

    As for the Uplift generator being used to create "animal" aliens, that would be cool. Just no uplifts as such.