Friday, February 15, 2013

Five Ships for StarCluster 3

From Klaxon Bowley comes five StarCluster 3 spaceships. These ships are designed to do their particular jobs, and are not just general cargo ships. They are:

Petronius - a 10,000 ton mining ship, designed to harvest chunks of moons or asteroids in space, but with space for people to live for years at a time. Includes a 600 ton Scout ship, 100 ton shuttles, and 30 ton escape pods.
Kirin Police Station - a 3000 ton mobile interplanetary police station, with 30 ton police cruisers and lockups.
Hare's Rest - a 30 ton fast smuggler, cramped and tiny.
Enchanting Esmerelda - a 250 ton Music/Theatrical ship, with two stages, shops, and recording studios.
Winston Powell University - a 600 ton peripatetic institute of higher learning, designed to bring students to the wonders of the Cluster for hands-on learning.

Along with the pdf is a spreadsheet, with greater detail in description, for making the ships customizable in all particulars for modification.

StarCluster 3 - Five Ships by Klaxon Bowley

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  1. Klaxon got very fast reviews on Both Five Ships supplements from Megan Robertson, a featured reviewer on RPG Now, both of four stars. :D

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