Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Seeing Destination Tokyo

My wife and son and I were watching Destination Tokyo tonight. It's a submarine film starring Cary Grant, and it's very good! Afterward, my wife and I were talking, and she said, "Y'know, it was really cool that we did all those same things they did in the movie when we played Pigboats, even though none of us knew anything about submarines."

That blew my mind, because she was right. Slipping through through a submarine net and a minefield by following an enemy ship though, right on it's tail underwater? In the movie. Dropping  off three men to watch from a height and report on ships in a harbor? In the movie. Dodging under a sinking ship to avoid escorts? In the movie. Running into medical problems the boat's pharmacists mate is not trained to deal with? In the movie. Picking off a depth-charging escort with a desperation down-the-throat shot? In the movie. All *THEIR* ideas! They were unreal!

They knew nothing at all about subs. Never read any submarine books or saw a submarine movie, yet they brought down the awesome game after game. My family - and the rest of my players - totally rock!


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