Friday, May 31, 2013

The Patrol Ends

I have been writing all along on the AP for my In Harm's Way: Pigboats campaign so I should tell you the first patrol is done. The Pike is safely tied to a dock in Fremantle. She had no radio, radar, periscopes, deck gun or AA gun. She could dive, but not deeper than 100 feet, and only with the punps going full bore. She made it by going cautiously the long way around, east of Timor, where the shipping and patrols were least.

Because they had no way to communicate, Mr. Vaugirard, the XO, went into Fremantle on a rubber raft with a couple ratings to arrange a rendezvous. No-one as yet knows about the spectacular end to the patrol, as the Pike's messages ceased after the received the ULTRA message. Ray and Bobby have mentioned it casually to the Captain, but he thinks they are joking, and is not amused.

We will resume play this coming Monday!

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