Monday, June 3, 2013

The Next Patrol of the Pike Begins Tonight!

The USS Pike has made it back to Fremantle (mostly) intact. The sub will be undergoing intensive repairs after its pasting by Japanese escorts after an extraordinary patrol to the Philippines, so this will be a long layover.

Some notable departures - Lt. Windy Windham, the boat's Engineer, will be leaving, replaced by Lieutenant William Ashley, a 40 year old Seattle native with family problems. The boat's Diving Officer, Lt. jg Theron Yoder, will also be rotated out, replaced by Lieutenant jg Jackie Keene, a rich artist trapped in the Navy by the war. Lt. jg Sal Rizzo is also leaving for a War bond tour in the States followed by reassignment. He will be replaced by 26 year old Lt. jg Lawrence Foote, a newly minted jg from Savannah.

It will be impossible to top what the Pike did in the previous patrol, but I doubt there will be any slackening of action, as her Skipper is most intent on sailing In Harm's Way.

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