Friday, June 28, 2013

Volant - Merchants of Death

The Volant IRC game has come alive in the last week! We have developed the setting - here:

That is culture, religion, and the Association's POV of four different cultures, plus the culture the Association is part of. We are Merchants of Death,  selling trained war birds, siege engines, and clockwork devices to various customers, with a dreaded enemy due to show up at any time. The PCs live on a free fragment - the Cuckoo's Nest.

This enemy, the Raft, is made up of a single culture on hundreds of tiny fragments, which they steer by sails. Being much lighter than full skylands, the fragments whip around the world faster than the larger nations, lapping them every few years. Each time they come through, the nations in our local area get beat up. So, we have a hot commodity in a seller's market.

 Most of the PCs are done as well. Play begins on Wednesday, and we are all champing at the bit to play! My one worry? We couldn't possibly do more than scratch the surface of this rich, rich setting in the few weeks we have!   

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