Monday, July 8, 2013

Volant - Merchants of Death II

We had our first session of Volant over IRC. We started off with our scroungers searching for giant bird nests and eggs. Two of our characters, Tyss and Farise, got into a verbal bitchfest, some nasty epithets being thrown around - which was totally expected, set up from day one - and kept on flying without really looking. Meanwhile the rest of the scroungers found a giant eagle nest in a tall tree over the river they had been following. When they swooped down to investigate, they found that the eggs had been smashed and the chicks stabbed in their shells.  Roy, the scrounger leader, read the evidence, examining the scratches on the tree limbs, the fecal matter, and a bootprint in it, and shivered. "Bat-riders!" he said. The Raft was back, the nasty predatory horde of the air had returned to haunt them.

He sent Tyss and Aelia off to warn the Cockoos' Nest that the Raft had returned. Along the way, they ran into a Quetzalcoatl, a huge, 10 meter long flying feathered snake-bird. Tyss said something, and the Quetzal abruptly turned and headed for them. They split up, Tyss diving, while Aelia broke left. The Quetzal followed Aelia through a barrel roll as she tried to get behind it. The Quetzal made one less success, however, and Aelia came out of the barrel roll with a decent shot. She attacked, making a slight wound, while Tyss who had made a low yo-yo, swung up from below and shot the Quetzal in the belly. With the Quetzal and Aelia both losing their airspeed, and in search of easier prey, the Quetzal dove for the ground. Aelia and Tyss regretfully let it go, as they had a mission. the others meanwhile camped for the night on the shelf of a cliff, with no fire.

It went well for a starting game, but the new players Rich Rogers and Franck Michaux  seemed a bit confused by the air combat, so I ran a quick Volant Air Combat 101 over G+ Hangout on Saturday night. Both seemed to have things in much better comprehension at the end, so I think that too went well! Now to Wednesday, when we play again! :D


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