Friday, July 19, 2013

Volant - Merchants of Death III

We played our third session of Volant over IRC Tuesday. So far the Scrounger characters and their relationships have shone. The "rivalry" between the veteran Scrounger Farise and the young Tyss has been fascinating. Scrounger flight leader Ray has demonstrated great abilities as a teacher and as a leader. Aelia has been amusing for her overall competence and sardonic detachment.

The Spy/Diplomat/Negotiation team has been less golden. I hope they can pick it up a notch next session. They have been interesting, but not as developed as the Scroungers. Next session,when the actual negotiations start, should see some character development!

The uniformly excellent nature of the reviews for Volant (2 at 4/5, 2 at 5/5) obscure the real fact that no one has heard of it. Like almost all my games, it has created no buzz at all. It's lucky I am doing this for other reasons. My marketing skill must be at a negative value. By sheer random chance, somebody with no particular skill should have had a game that received some notice  by now, after 11 years, releasing an average of two games a year. The little marketing I do must actively drive people off. Maybe I should just not do anything at all? :D

I've started work - broken ground on - two different Volant accessories. One is a supplement for creating Fragments - skylands too small to be called regions. The other is a supplement centered on taming flying monsters for use as mounts. So far both subjects are holding my interest. :D


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