Sunday, June 16, 2013

Lobsters Rule!

So, with two of my players out, we decided not to play our regularly scheduled Outremer game. Instead we played a one shot of Tools of Ignorance. One of the players missed the entire time we playtested it, so it was a new experience for him. They decided to play rookies, just up from the farms, and I brought them into the Maine Lobsters Baseball Club, the finest expansion team in the National League. Well.. after a visit to a strip club in San Diego, with hijinx and mayhem, and almost a fist fight between two rookies.

The game against the padres was.... amazing. The three Lobster rookies had hellacious games - The pitcher pitched a shutout and went four for five at the plate, with seven RBIs. The shortstop went 3 for four with a hit By Pitch after goading the Padre's pitcher, and four RBIs - and stole home. The rookie first baseman hit for the cycle with two more home runs to boot. I stopped the game after five innings with a rainstorm - we were running late and it was a mercy killing. Lobsters won 28 to 0. :D


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