Sunday, August 25, 2013

Psionics in Lowell Was Right!


Psionics in Lowell Was Right! involve the use of a skill, plus the burning of a PSI point for the duration of the session. Any skill can be used with PSI to yield an effect, but what that effect is is decided by the GM and player. The following psionic effects are typical, but other effects can be created, and other skills used for these effects if the GM agrees they are pertinent.

Telepathy = Communication or Language + PSI
Psionic Healing = Medicine + PSI
Psychokinesis = Move +PSI
Clairvoyance = Discern + PSI
Dowsing = Hunt + PSI
Psychic Sensing = Discern + PSI
Precognition = Survival + PSI
Psychometry = Research + PSI
Aura Reading = Fake or Organize + PSI
Mediumship = Communication + PSI
Retrocognition = Humanities + PSI
Stun = Strike + PSI

Uncommon Powers

With the easy combination of Skill + PSI creating psionic powers, you may have strange and uncommon powers come up in play. If so, make a ruling for now, based on the above, and reserve the right to change it in the future, after you have had some time to think about it. Use the parameters above if possible.

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