Monday, August 19, 2013

Spaceships in Lowell Was Right!

Spaceships in Lowell Was Right! are built on a choice of "hull" - really a spar and attached module arrangement - and a choice of two drives for each "hull" available. One drive is a Burn-Drift-Brake type, and the other uses a constant low-fractional-G thrust. This means transit times between planets are measured in months rather than days or hours.

The Burn-Drift-Brake (B-D-B) drive uses more energy, and requires more of its mass to be fuel than the Slow Boost drive, which means the Slow Boost ships can carry more payload than B-D-B ships. On the other hand, B-D-B ships are much cheaper, and the very slow but constant acceleration of the Slow Boost means that B-D-B ships are faster over shorter runs.

On this, you can hang components - Crew Cabins, Passenger Cabins, Rotating (for false gravity) Passenger Cabins, Air Plants, Workout Rooms, Cargo, and more. What you won't find is weapons. Weapons available in Lowell Was Right! are pretty useless in space.

The only Artificial Gravity is through thrust or rotation. Thrust is either tiny or brief, and rotationally induced gravity is very expensive. Luckily, since radiation is space is all electromagnetic, and since calcium loss in bone was not a known effect in 1880, in Lowell Was Right!, weightlessness is for most people perfectly healthy, once you get used to it - though you may want to build up those muscles if you plan on going back to a planet...

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