Friday, December 27, 2013

High Strung Example Character

So - moving along with High Strung! I have chargen finished. Here's an example character:

Assign one each of 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, and 5 to an Attribute.
VOIS (Voice) 8
FNGR (Fingers) 10
DANS (Dance) 5
ENRG (Energy) 7
CUTE (Cuteness) 9
SMRT (Smarts) 6

Choose your age, apply modifiers.

24 -25 (Hippie)
You’ve been at this a while, haven’t you? Your chops have never been better, but why does there have to be such crap? You have a Decent Job, and the Real World is looking tempting.
Base Hope: 12
Attribute Mods: CUTE+1, ENRG+1, FNGR+1, VOIS+2
Skills: Apportion 13 Skill Points from your Training Skills

Up to age 24, you are limited to one Training. Over 24, you may choose two Trainings.

Training 1 - Relentless Gigging
You played for a pop cover band. Skills are Play Instrument, Sing, Choreograph, Banter, Groupies. Your Style is Pop, and you gain +1 to ENRG

Training 2 - Art Schooler
You were an art major who slipped into music somehow. Skills are Graphics, Flash, Play Instrument, Sing, Promote. Your Style is Progressive, and you gain +1 to CUTE

Styles: Styles are your preferred style of music, and when you
perform in that style, things just go better. You gain 2
Small Bonuses whenever you play a song in your Style.

How Skills Work
Skills are capped at a rank of +2. in order to go beyond +2, you must specialize.
Anything can be a Specialization, if the GM agrees. Three possible specializations for each skill are included in the table above.
Unlike other skills, Play Instrument is immediately separated into type - Strings, Keyboards, Beat, Reeds, and Brass. This is because the mechanics of playing each Type of instrument are very different. After +2, they are further specialized like all Skills. Play Instrument would be noted thus - Skill: Subskill (Specialization).
Example - Play Instrument: Reed (Baritone Sax) +4, playing Baritone Sax, Skill Check is at +4, playing Alto Sax, Skill Check is at +2.

Example Character: Shelly (Chili) Burns
VOIS (Voice) 8 + 2 = 10
FNGR (Fingers) 10 +1 = 11
DANS (Dance) 5
ENRG (Energy) 7 + 1 + 1 = 9
CUTE (Cuteness) 9 +1 +1 = 11
SMRT (Smarts) 6

Base Hope: 12
Styles: Progressive and Pop
Job: Decent

Graphics +2
Flash +1
Play Instrument: Strings +2 (Guitar+3)
Sing +2 (Smoky+4)
Promote +1
Choreograph +0
Banter +1
Groupies +1

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