Monday, December 23, 2013

Political Map of Earth for Lowell Was Right! Campaign

Here is the political map of our campaign Earth, for the year 2014 in LWR!

The world is divided among eight Great Powers - an Isolationist USA, which has combined with Mexico and Canada, A South American Confederation - with some Central American and Caribbean buffer states - owns the Panama Canal.

The Ottoman Empire has overrun most of Europe, with only the UK, Eire, and Scandanavia still free. A Pan Arab Caliphate rules from Morocco to Iraq, the Tsars own the north from Belarus and Finland to Kamchatka. The Manchus and the Japan-led Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere had been fighting, but now they are competitive Facist buddies. Australasia brings up the south, ruling from New Zealand to Malaya. Right smack in the middle are The Stans, a battleground between all the old world Powers in Proxy Wars. Africa South of the Sahara is mostly a sea of smaller nations, none of them Great Powers.

This campaign world was created by the players, by either nomination - South American Confederation, Tsarist Russia, Isolationist USA - or random roll. It's a nasty world, full of strife and war. Few of the Powers are speaking to each other. The players mean to be out in the solar system somewhere, though the Association is as yet un-created, so I'm not sure yet just how, where, or why. Probably the reason is to escape the horrid state of the Earth! :D

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