Monday, August 11, 2014

Beginner's Luck - 11th Season

The latest season for my Beginner's Luck StarCluster game over IRC started in earnest last Sunday. I have been running a campaign per year starting in 2003, so this is the 11th season. In it, the crew of the Beginner's Luck made a normal, everyday jump from one system to another, and mis-jumped completely out of the Cluster, some 25 LY from the nearest star of the cluster (as measured by triangulating from known pulsars) into a completely different area of the universe.

They were picked up by a crew of very humanoid looking women in a moderate (frigate sized) military vessel, and are being brought to the nearest inhabited planet. There are four marines/soldiers on the Luck, riding with them to make sure they don't deviate.

These people, the Jeshen, are communicating in an evolved German with the lone linguist among the Luck's crew, who is serving as an interpreter, They call this language "Human Language".

What they have discovered:

The Jeshen may be genetically engineered Humans put here long, long ago, or they may be a case of extreme convergent evolution. They are not female, but hermaphroditic, they are pure carnivores with needle-sharp teeth, and the more they get to know them, the less human they seem.

They welcomed humans into their "Jeshen Space" hundreds of years ago, as allies against the Etvar, an alien race who most likely constructed the wormhole jump network uniting the Cluster. Some of the inhabited worlds in this system are Human worlds.

Jeshen do not own slaves - that is, sapient beings are not property. Self-aware robots, constructs, Uplifts, and aliens are free peoples. Humans, on the other hand, argued that they needed slaves when they entered Jeshen Space, and are allowed to keep their slaves on their own worlds. The Jeshen were shocked that the Uplift and bio-construct aboard the Luck as crew were not slaves of the Humans aboard.

There is no record of any previous contact between the Jeshen and people from the Cluster. The Humans seem to be slow-boat refugees from Earth, like the ones who founded the Cluster.

So far, it is going in strange and unpredictable directions, which is loads of fun!

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