Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Interesting Bits!

Something I cam up with for High Strung, but which could be used for any modern game with a couple of simple modifications. I call it Interesting  Bits - it's all stuff to build a character around:

Interesting bits!

Roll 1d20 or choose, as you wish!

1. You once had a brief but intense affair with a current bandmate.
2. Your rich parents have totally disowned you.
3. You have a police record.
4. You speak three other languages fluently, and can converse in half a dozen more.
5. Your last band went on to become rich and famous, right after you left.
6. You keep a torrid journal, and you name names. Anyone who reads your journal can make up anything they want to about you, and it's all true!
7. You are in the Federal Witness Protection Program.
 8. You're the illegitimate child of a famous pop idol.
 9. You are a talented mimic.
10. You worked as a prostitute for a short time.
11. You are an illegal immigrant, and your papers are forged.
12. You once did something incredibly stupid and embarassing in public, and you worry someone might recognize or remember you.
13. You are horrible with names, and always have to work around it.
14. Your father is a well known preacher, and somewhere in the back of your brain, you worry that maybe he is right, and you are going to hell.
15. You were once the S.O. of someone famous - before they got famous.
16. You once died on the operating table for a short time, but were brought back.
17. You suffer from amnesia, and can't remember much about anything personal that happened more than two years ago. Some songs on the radio are full of emotional content you don't understand.
18. You stutter when you get emotionally worked up.
19. You were the only one left alive after your father went crazy.
20. You collect something others would probably find disturbing.

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