Monday, November 17, 2014

Peoples of the Necklace - Stereotypes!

In writing up the Peoples of the Necklace, I am using stereotypes again. This is a good thing, so long as people realize that nobody is bound by these stereotypes. Cultural traits, introduced in StarCluster 3, work by being a stereotype of the culture in question. The smaller the sample size, the farther we statistically diverge from this stereotype. With the Necklace, I'm introducing "What the X think about the Y" This is an interface of two stereotypes, like an interference pattern. An example:

The Rasi

The last major Human settlement was 150 years ago from the UN Slowboat "Ras Al-Khaimah" - Built by the UAE and gifted to the UN, her crew included Icelanders, Koreans, New Zealanders, UK citizens, Arabs, and Malians. They were forced to settle in the Torus as the good real estate - the two icy water worlds in the outer system - had already been claimed. Its people are called the Rasi, and are settled in a city made from their ship, and many towns along The River. The Rasi maintain a culture that varies from TL 9 in their capital to TL7 in their smaller towns. They are fairly tightly bunched, with towns sometimes less than 100 km apart. They make their own grav plates to graviform asteroids which have no appreciable gravity.

Cultural Traits: Greedy 1, Practical 2, Scheming 2, Bombastic 2
Attributes: STR: 9 COOR: 8 AGY: 7 END: 7 CHAR: 8 INT: 6 PSI: 2 LUCK: 2

How the Rasi Feel About...

Javans Predictable marks, if you are careful not to anger them.
Altisherpas We respect them, but they are meddlesome - slow and conservative.
Pucks Lazy, passive-aggressive, clever little monkeys!
Carnivales Trainable cheap labor. Simple and solid.
Hermeans Useful pricks, these jerks. Programmable asshats - total tools.

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